The Peanut Butter Endowment was created to provide funds for purchasing food for clients when not enough is donated. The Pantry will use the interest from the Peanut Butter Endowment to do so. All monies will be held in the Peanut Butter Endowment which is managed by Savant Capital Management, Inc. Once the principal amount is invested, we will only use up to 4% of the interest earned. Any interest earned above that will be reinvested.

What’s an endowment? 

An endowment is a fund which charitable contributions of property, assets or funds are placed. Endowments are created for a non profit in support of a specific goal. The Peanut Butter Endowment was created to purchase food to distribute to clients. Join us in this valuable cause by making a one-time or recurring donation.

Endowment Brochure