Schnucks commitment to quality doesn’t stop at our service and foods. We want to make a difference in our communities too. That’s why we are happy to offer you the Schnucks eScrip program that makes our community stronger by supporting the Rock River Valley Pantry. Together we make The difference.



  1. Pick up a card at any Schnucks Store.
  2. Register you card online or call 800-931-6258 and choose the RRVP as your personal organization.
  3. Shop at Schnucks. Your purchases create automatic contributions of up to 3% of your purchase price.

 Locate and have your card scanned when you check out. Access your personal reports online to see how much you have earned.


Schnucks Customer & Community Card Contributions*

1% on monthly purchases between $0-$300.

2% on monthly purchases between $301-$600.

3% on monthly purchases between $601-$999.

Note: Purchases exceeding $999 receive no additional contributions.


Here’s how it works. If your monthly purchases totaled $650.00, your contribution earned would be $10.50, like this:

$300.00 x 1% = $3.00 + $300 x 2% = $6.00 + $50 x 3% = $1.50 = $10.50


Cards Accepted:


Present your registered Schnucks Community Card or Customer Card when making your purchase.
Use of your registered card is required at checkout to automatically track your purchases and contributions to your organization.



Excludes purchases of lottery tickets, gift cards and taxes. Merchant reserves the right to exclude additional purchase transactions in the future. Purchases made at Schnucks Fuel Centers are excluded from Schnucks e-Scrip contributions.